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Invoice Number INV-3700
Order Number 3700
Invoice Date May 19, 2022
Due Date May 26, 2022
Total Due $551.25
Center for Family Connection

CfFC Center for Family Connection
30 Tyler Prentice Road
Worcester, MA 01605


Qty Service PriceAdjustSub Total
35 SF45R FL SF45R 4.7 OZ SFTSPN CRW TEE WHITE 1-sided full color print

5 sml, 10 med, 10 lrg, 10 XL
sf45r Fruit of the Loom Adult SofspunĀ® Jersey Crew T-Shirt

35 GD 2000B YTH 6 OZ ULTR CTTN SS WHITE 1-sided full color print

Youth: 5 xs, 5 sm, 7med, 13 lrg, 5 xl
g200b Gildan Youth Ultra CottonĀ® T-Shirt

Sub Total $551.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $551.25

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